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Summer Vintage

Outfit: Dress, Free People; Shoes, Zara. Photographer: Ran Graff ( Location: Showplace Antique + Design Center


I love vintage shopping – vintage clothing, vintage furnishings, vintage jewelry… There’s just something so unique and romantic about items from other era. I like to imagine the story behind it – who made it, who sold it, who owned it? (Probably another shopaholic like me in a different decade.)

However, as much as I love walking into vintage stores, vintage shopping is a COMMITMENT. You really need to dig through the racks, flipping price tags, and trying on stuff to find something that fits you and your budget. Unless I’m in the right frame of mind, I’m like: Ok screw this, I’m gonna get a matcha latte instead.

Which is why I always get a little bit of a thrill when I come across a fashion label that is vintage-inspired (I’m more partial to 60s-70s). I love being able to indulge my inner Ali McGraw! Of course, Reformation, For Love & Lemons and Free People are my regular go-tos, but here are a few more brands I’ve discovered that I can’t wait to add to my wardrobe:


1. Stoned Immaculate

LA label Stoned Immaculate draws from California’s golden era. Think Rollergirl-style from Boogie Nights.


2. Realisation Par

Aussie label Réalisation Par is the flowy-chiffony lovechild of fashion blogger 4th and Bleeker’s Alexandra Spencer, and former co-founder of Friend of Mine’s Teale Talbot, so you know it’s going to be on every fashion girl’s Insta.


3. LPA The Label

Created by longtime Reformation designer Lara Pia Arrobio, LPA The Label has all the vintage flair with a cool girl spin.


4. Une Heures

Bookmark this as your go-to site for silk knit tops. Inspired by style icons of the 60s, Une Heures sources their silk yarn from Italy and is made at a family-owned factory in LA.


5. Posse

Another Aussie label, Posse describe themselves as “urban vintage with a french flair”. Straw hats and berets not included.


6. Rouje

French It girl and model Jeanne Damas came out with a brand to rival Reformation. Think camisoles, slogan tees and flowy dresses.


7. Doen

Inspired by vintage California, Doen is a collective of creative women who support women in the workplace and are committed to female-centric partners, whether in the production facility in LA, or in the textile supply chain in India and Peru.



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