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What To Wear – Pajama Dressing

I’ll always remember the last time I wore pajamas out in public. I had inadvertently locked myself out of the AirBnB apartment I was staying in. It was early in the morning in the dead of winter in NYC, and my pooch had woken me up, insisting I take her out. With sleepy eyes, I grabbed my coat and her leash and hurried her out the door. It was only when I heard it slam shut that I realised – ohh crap – I had forgotten the keys. I had nothing on me other than doggy poop bags – a truly shitty situation, if I do say so myself…

I spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out what to do. Emergency locksmiths cost a fortune in New York. I also debated trying to borrow a phone so I could call Airbnb. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go far. There was a group of college students also Airbnb-ing in the apartment next door, and one of them was kind enough to let me log into my account on their phone so I could contact my host. Lucky for me, my host replied right away and said she would come by in about an hour with a spare set of keys. I’ve never been so relieved!

I ended up waiting in a nearby park making friends with the homeless guy who hung out there. He told me all about the people living in the neighborhood and never once commented on my pajama-ed state, but a stylishly dressed model walking her dog did give me the once over. Too bad this was before pajama dressing became such a thing, she would’ve thought I was so on point.

Having experienced being forced to wear PJs in public, I normally roll my eyes every time this trend resurfaces. I would put it on par with wearing sunglasses at night (unless you’re at a rave and it’s LED sunglasses, just don’t). But for some reason, with the weather starting to transition to fall (how did summer go so fast??), I’m starting to see the appeal of comfy, silky outfits contrasted with woolly cardigans or stiff trenchcoats as daywear.

Also, we’re moving away from what typically comes to mind when you think PJs – plain colors with contrast piping – and entering the domain of bold patterns and mixed prints, which is just so fun for fall. We’re not just stopping at PJ-inspired either, slips and dressing gowns (the longer the better!) have joined the anti-slumber party. In my opinion, those that make this look like a trend worth trying are the ones who make it look put together by keeping a sleek silhouette with fabulous accessories.

Thinking of giving pajama dressing a try without looking like you just rolled out of bed? Here’s my tips on how to make it look hottie tottie than hot toddy!


1. Define the waist. This makes it look more polished and less like real PJs.

All images from Pinterest.


2. Headgear – yes, please! Makes the outfit look that much more intentional. And how awesome does it look with turbans/headscarves?

All images from Pinterest.


3. Kimonos/robes are the It outerwear item right now. Try a solid monochrome color underneath for easy street chic.

All images from Pinterest.


4. Opt for just the pajama top with a cute skirt or layered under a jacket.

All images from Pinterest.


5. The accessories matter. The more formal the shoe or bag, the less this looks like sleepwear.



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