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Bag For All Seasons

green vegan leather bag

“Welcome to the winter of our discontent.”


So said Ethan Hawke’s character, in one of my most watches movies of all time, Reality Bites. Although Reality Bites is a classic 90s teenage angst movie, the reason I’m referencing it is less to do with overall existential ennui, and more to do with the fact that it’s April. It’s officially springtime. And yet, here we are in New York City with a forecast for snow this week. Hello? Someone up there clearly did not get the memo…

I honestly find it amusing when I see bloggers posting pictures of themselves in sundresses on Instagram. I mean, they need to keep up with the fashion – but just FYI – it’s lies, all LIES. They are probably freezing their Revolve-sponsored socks off because it’s seriously cold here still. Kudos to them for braving it all in the name of fashion, but being a girl from the tropics, I can’t deal with cold, so I’m still wearing my thickest shearling and sweaters.

I’m sorry, I know I’m in gripe mode, because I’m so over winter. I’m yearning for some warmth and sunshine. But one thing that’s been cheering me up a bit is this awesome shoulder bag that hails from much warmer climates, India. The bag is the most gorgeous emerald green with a velveteen front that makes it look really luxe. And even though velvet is typically a fall/winter fabric, I feel this goes so well with Spring’s houndstooth and check patterns that are so everywhere right now.

I do also love the fact that it comes with two straps, so you can opt to carry it crossbody or on the shoulder. I suppose you can switch them out but I just leave both on. Anyway, it seems designers are putting double straps on every bag for Spring. Someone in fashionland probably figured out that women like to carry their bag many different ways. But other than a great design, possibly one of the best things to note about this bag, it’s is made completely of PETA-approved vegan leather.

Mara Mma is an ethical vegan leather bag brand from India that supports an animal rescue group. Launched recently on Feb 14, they carry 6 different styles of bags in various colors, ranging from tote bags to backpacks. The emerald green Mila shoulder bag immediately caught my eye. I’ve been fixating on this color recently for my home, so this immediately stood out to me. And I keep getting compliments when carrying it. (While shooting these pics, a woman actually jumped out of her car to ask me where it was from!) Even guys seem to love it. A friend refused to let me eat over it (we were grabbing a quick bite while sitting in the park), because he said it was too nice to have me spill food on it.

Mara Mma (pronounced as Murray-Maa), is an African phrase that means ‘a beautiful thing, a beautiful soul’. One of the founders of Mara Mma, Karan Jhaveri, explained how the brand came about, “My partner and I wanted to start a business which would in turn help save animals and since most good quality women’s handbags are made of leather, we felt starting a Mara Mma would be a good business opportunity as well as a medium through which many animals could be saved directly and indirectly.”
While they are based in India, Mara Mma does provide free worldwide shipping. Plus they donate 5% of their profits to SRLC (Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care), which saves cows from the slaughterhouse. They have relocated and rehabilitated over 70,000 animals to date and they plan to also donate to PETA to save more exotic animals. Wearing something that gets me compliments and supports a cause? Now that’s something I can feel contented about.

Outfit: Coat, Acne Studios. Sweater, Fenty Puma. Pants, Zara. Shoes, All Saints. Bag, Mara Mma.




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