About Me

Hi and welcome to This Wandering Eye!

This is my personal blog focused on fashion, beauty, style, design and amazing things that have caught my eye.

I started this blog as a creative outlet – a way for me to share about all the things I’m into right now – for however brief a period of time that may be!

I’ve named this blog This Wandering Eye because I have a terrible case of fashion fickleness. I may be into one thing one day and then find myself gravitating towards whatever new trend there is next. It does result in a rather overstuffed and eclectic wardrobe! But it also means I’ve tried and tested many things, so if you have any questions about anything you see in the pages, don’t hesitate to ask – I’ll always respond!

And as a final note, a full disclosure about all the products and links on these pages:

**Everything I feature is stuff I’ve bought unless otherwise stated. I would not recommend something I didn’t myself believe in and my opinions are genuine. Links to products that I post are mostly affiliate links. That means if you were to purchase something through those links, I would get a small percentage commission (between 1%-10% depending on the retailer). This doesn’t affect your purchase in any way as it is between the retailer and me, and whatever I do make goes to helping fund this blog. Again, those products I link to are things I myself would buy (if I had a never-depleting bank account!), and I would never link to something for the sake of hopefully making money, or to something I thought was shite. If any of these links are broken or lead to somewhere sketchy, just drop me a note so I can remedy it right away.

Thanks for stopping by!