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A Kindness Collective

a kindness collective fitness wear activewear sportswear

Ok, here’s my deep dark secret – I don’t like exercising. I know in this day and age when everyone is talking kale-maca-wheatgrass shakes and how many minutes they can hold a plank, it’s almost sacrilegious to say you don’t like working out, but there it is. That’s not to say I don’t do it. I practice yoga, pilates, barre, and aerial silks. I love seeing my body fit and strong, and feel really good about myself right after a…

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Bag For All Seasons

green vegan leather bag

“Welcome to the winter of our discontent.”   So said Ethan Hawke’s character, in one of my most watches movies of all time, Reality Bites. Although Reality Bites is a classic 90s teenage angst movie, the reason I’m referencing it is less to do with overall existential ennui, and more to do with the fact that it’s April. It’s officially springtime. And yet, here we are in New York City with a forecast for snow this week. Hello? Someone up there clearly…

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Creature of Habit

Red top and striped pants at Creatures cafe in Singapore

  Hi fellow treasure-seekers! I’m back! I know it’s been quite a while since my last blog post. And apparently, in blogdom that’s writer’s suicide because people tend to forget you existed if you’re not posting regularly. I would like to say it’s because I’ve been busy with grand 2018 plans – saving lives, changing the world – but the truth is, after a week-long trip back home to Singapore, I returned to New York and immediately had to move…

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On Being Different

red pants with sheer top, shaggy faux fur coat

  Perching on a fire escape of a Manhattan building has probably always been a fantasy of mine. When I lived in Singapore, I would watch all these movies filmed in New York, and it seemed you had to have at least one fire escape scene or it wasn’t a legit New York City movie. Is that a weird fantasy to have? Perhaps… Or maybe it’s just a literal representation of my desire to ‘escape’?   One of the reasons…

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DIY Natural Beauty At Home

essential oil homemade DIY beauty recipes

Book: All Natural Beauty by Karin Berndl & Nici Hofer   I truly believe that the solution to all of our skin woes can be found in nature and it’s just a matter of discovering the right plants or extraction method or combination of both to figure out what works. I love trying out and exploring brands that contain botanical and natural ingredients like essential oils, and have written about a few I like to use here. I’ve tried and researched…

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What To Wear: Sequins

what to wear sequin trend

Blame it on the Kira Kira app that everyone’s using these days to instantly bedazzle their Insta pictures, but I just can’t stop noticing sequins. Granted it is the holiday season, so I’m probably not alone in my sequin mania (I mean, c’mon, did you really get into the Christmas spirit if you didn’t at least try to outshine the Christmas tree?). But while I know sequins are nothing new for evening, I’ve always been a bit of a rebel,…

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Check, Please!

check print reformation skirt with black turtleneck top and chloe bag. Personal style outfit.

Checks are this year’s MVP – Most Versatile Print – and boy, are they everywhere! On coats, jackets, tops, dresses, skirts… and if you haven’t yet checked it out (see what I did there?), you absolutely should. Where gingham was summer’s pattern – feminine, frolicky, and redolent of playgrounds, picnics and cornfields – its cousin, the more staid plaid, is the darling of fall. Of the extensive check family, plaids are like that shuffling old uncle whose expression seems set…

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Scalp Care For Healthy Hair

aveda scalp care christophe robin sea salt scrub, tea rinse for hair

  I think haircare products to me can be likened to the state of my relationships. They always start out great, everything is all bouncy and shiny. Then, I have a few bad days. Then, next thing I know, every session, every time I try, it’s dull, listless, meh… I’m fighting all the time to get things to be like how they were in the beginning, but it’s just not working… So, I break things off with that product/guy. Then,…

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Cape Crusades

cape red boots from zara

  There comes a time in a grown woman’s life when she has to decide between looking absolutely chic and being able to have full use her arms. I love the look of capes, and although they render any arm movements above the elbow useless, feeling the fabric billow out behind you was you walk does make you feel a tiny bit like a badass superhero. And IMHO, all women are a little bit of a superhero anyway. For this…

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